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Fool's Errand, by Robin Hobb

Fool's Errand  - Robin Hobb

This is more or less what I look like whenever FitzChivalry Farseer is involved:

So many books later, and I’m still feeling überprotective of Fitz. I got furious with his neighbour when he attacked Fitz in the market place, I wanted to kick Starling out of the door (and none too gently), and I was even too angry to cry when the inevitable happened [spoiler, highlight to read] and Nighteyes died :(

What Robin Hobb manages to do is quite amazing in fact. She writes very factual, very matter-of-fact but it makes the reader react in a very emotional way. You get upset, you want to shout at the characters, you think they are the silliest person on earth, but the next moment you’re grinning from ear to ear and everything is all right with the world again. I love it.

Apart from the invasion of your emotional kingdom, there are two other things that make me love these books so much:
One, the characters are so real, it’s almost surreal. This includes the animals, I was so impressed with the simple things Robin Hobb does to bring the cats to life for instance. ”Pet me, you’ll feel better" That does feel so cat-like.
Two, the way she writes her stories and keeps you guessing. What happened? How did we get there? Is there still a way out of here? Who’s the girl he keeps talking about? Did Nettle tell about her dreams at the breakfast table, and if yes, what did her parents think of that? (And I can keep going like that for a few pages if need be)

Seriously, I dread the day I run out of Robin Hobb books to read.