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Challenge Day 1 - Best book read in 2012

Tell the Wolves I'm Home: A Novel - Carol Rifka Brunt Lonesome Dove - Larry McMurtry Too Much Happiness - Alice Munro

I was about to start scratching my head, and then I realized there was no scratching needed. There were a few contenders: Lonesome Dove and Too Much Happiness the most notable ones, but really really, the book in 2012 that surprised me the most is Tell the Wolves I'm home.


"I used to think maybe I wanted to become a falconer, and now I'm sure of it, because I need to figure out the secret. I need to work out how to keep things flying back to me instead of always flying away."


That book is the perfect coming of age novel on so many levels. Perfectly written to create a very special atmosphere: tender, light and innocent.

The main character's favourite uncle and best friend is a terminal AIDS patient (not spoiling here, it's on page 1) and that marks a clear turning point in June's life. It's something you have to get over, something that causes you to grow up - not gradually but with a big jump. As if someone pushed you out of a window.

She starts the growing-up process that, amongst other things, involves cutting the threads between you and your parents. Realizing that they are not perfect. That their decisions and choices are not always perfect.


"My mother gave me a disappointed look. Then I gave her one back. Mine was for everything, not just the sandwich."




(PS: A cynical thank you to Goodreads for not deleting my review so i could copy paste a little bit)