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Challenge Day 5 - Book that makes me happy

The BFG - Quentin Blake, Roald Dahl Pluk van de Petteflet / druk 219 - Annie M.G. Schmidt


Happy books! That's a lovely category but also a tough one. Most books i read tend to be epic or sad. Not happy. So I had a long, long look at my shelves and realized that most happy books are far too the left, on my kids shelf.


Roald Dahl wrote many books that make me happy, but the BFG will always be my favourite. Just too sweet and too funny


"Jack is the only human bean all giants is frightened of. They is absolutely terrified of Jack. They is all hearing that Jack is a famous giant-killer."


There were other contenders for this category. Annie M.G. Schmidt wrote quite a few, but given that Loederkoningin is probably the only person who would read this, and will know our dear Annie, I went with Roald Dahl.