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Challenge Day 6 - A book that makes me sad...

Fifty Shades of Grey  - E.L. James

.... sad that it has come to this!

That something which really, really isn't written well (quite the understatement) can sell bizillion copies worldwide. That people who hardly ever read a book come up to me and ask in their excitement whether I have read it and whether I didn't think it was brilliant??


No, i didn't think this was brilliant.

After months of seeing this book everywhere, I caved and read the first 80 pages and skimmed the rest, because I couldn't bear it any longer. The writing just sucks. The only adjective this author can come up with to describe an office building are 'white' and 'clinical' - which she then uses twenty times in the next 6 paragraphs.


I hate.

And it makes me sad that people think of these as great books. I have even heard on the bus someone mention this as literature. It is not.




And then i didn't even start about the P2P controversy.

Which makes it all even sadder.