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Challenge Day 10 - A book that reminds you of home

The Silent Shore (Sisters of the Quantock Hills) - Ruth Elwin Harris

The silent shore is the first book of a family quartet, by Ruth Elwin Harris. The first book is told by Sarah, the youngest of four sisters, the other books are always told by one of the other sisters.


I read these first as a young teenager and i loved them. I always felt I could connect with Sarah, probably because i'm the youngest at home too, and I thought that Harris did a brilliant job of making that 'youngest kid' feel very tangible. The unfairness, the joy when you got to stay up late, the things you just don't understand yet which make you an outsider.

But then, she wrote the oldest sister feel brilliantly too though in book #2, so I'm not sure which sister Harris is in real life, but whatever she is, she has the empathy to imagine both very well.


Book 3 was just ok, and unfortunately book 4 bored me to death - but I read the first two books a bizillion time. Very often in winter, in the sofa in front of the hearth.


Cosy, and very homely!