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Challenge Day 14 - Book turned movie and completely desecrated

Falling - Anne Provoost

There are a few here, but one that particularly stands out: Falling (or in the orginal Dutch version: Vallen) by Anne Provoost.


The book: marvelous, painful, you can feel that the character has to choose between evil and evillest, he does not have a choice, but gets burned by that choice afterwards anyway.


The movie: disaster. The main character became a sad, pathetic person. The other character a mean bitch. And all the wonderful atmosphere of the book disappeared. Plus while building the set and scouting for locations, they didn't even try to stay in the spirit of the book. I imagined it all very different.


And that's exactly why I'm always hesitant to read the book before the movie - if I'm planning to look at both. Like now with Atonement, I saw the movie first, so while reading the book I have the images of the movie and I find that a less disturbing order of things