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Review: Exactly Where They'd Fall

Exactly Where They'd Fall - Laura Rae Amos

The best I can describe this book is that it is like a realistic chick-lit: It doesn’t have the foofoo dust or the general Merry-Go-‘Round-feel a lot of chick-lit books have, but it explores some of the themes you generally find in the genre: complicated relationships, intertwined love and friendships, unrequited love, the girl who refuses to bind herself, etc.


It was a good light read for a friday evening, but there were nonetheless a few things that just didn’t work for me. First of all, that there was little flow of the words. It sometimes felt like trying to ski when there isn’t enough snow: too much friction, and not enough gliding from one sentence to the next. It did improve tremendously in the last thirds of the book, but perhaps I just got used to it.


The second thing is that some things just didn’t seem to add up. I didn’t go fact checking this book like an editor would do, but some things just stood out to me while reading. They immediately made me scratch my head and browse back to see whether I had read something wrong, but I hadn’t.
At the start of the chapter called ‘December’ it is mentioned that Ruth is eight weeks pregnant. By Christmas time (so, roughly 11 weeks pregnant), she is described as following:


Ruth eased herself onto the couch sighing heavily and arranging her shirt around her plump belly. “Eric is just out picking up dinner. You know, I’m not much use in the kitchen these days.”


Poor Ruth! She hasn’t even finished her first trimester and she sounds 8 months pregnant. Must be triplets – at least.


Another one, while at a bar with friends, Jodie notices all of a sudden a diamond ring on Amelia’s finger that catches the light over and over. “Jodie wouldn’t believe nobody else was wondering about it. Unless everyone else already knew.” So as a reader, I assume this is where Jodie discovers the engagement. Piper slightly later tells Jodie that she only just found out as well.
Later, in a different POV chapter (but earlier in timeline), we’re at a dress fitting and Piper is whirling fabric around Amelia, when this happens:


‘Piper stopped then, dropping the fabric… “You’re getting engaged too,” she squealed and turned to her sisters. “She’s getting married too,” she told them, declaring this now as if she’d only just heard the news.’


First of all, Piper did just find out, so there isn’t really need of this ‘as if she’d only just heard the news’ turn in the sentence. But more importantly, Jodie is in the same room, together with all those sisters. She has a dialogue with them just before and after this scene. So I would assume she would hear the squealing and shouting as well? So Jodie finds out twice?


There are some things really nice too though, as I said I liked the realistic sphere of the story and it brightened my Friday evening. The nicest characters in the bunch are the two mothers, one of them speaks the wise words that eventually lead to the title:


“Her mother said, “Amelia, sometimes I don’t think you make decisions so much as fall into them.”


And the other just made me smile:


Drew asked his mother, “Do you think my life has lacked tragedy?”
His mother considered him with a look of such complete bafflement it bordered on horror. “Drew honestly, what a ridiculous thing to be disappointed in.”


Disclaimer: A review copy was provided to me by the publisher, but does not sway my rating either way. This review reflects my own experience and opinion with this book.