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Review: Girls in their Married Bliss

Girls In Their Married Bliss (Country Girls Trilogy 3) - Edna O'Brien

If ever there was a sarcastic book title – this one is a winner.

After reading the last book in the trilogy, it seems that Edna O’Brien read a lot of Thomas Hardy growing up. Already from the very first page, as a reader you think ‘Not again!’ and you doubt this will end well.

It is still a well written book (I wouldn’t expect anything else from Edna O’Brien), but I do think it’s the weakest book in the series. The main reason for liking this book less is that I constantly wanted to shake the main character Kate, how many stupid choices can a girl make in just a few years’ time? How many times will she stumble over the very same ‘Eugene’ stone?

Stylistically this book is different from the previous in the series. No first person narrator anymore, but two swapping third person narrators: Kate and her friend Baba. Perhaps this is the reason why I felt much more distant from this book?

The other element that contributed I think, is that out of the three novels this one is the hardest to place into its historical context. It certainly must have been another scandalous book when it was released at the time, but it’s harder to place it.